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Is one piece the king of Shonen?

Is one piece the king of Shonen?

Is one piece the king of Shonen?

The series was widely considered one of the so-called « big three » of Shonen Jump in the 2000s alongside Naruto and Bleach. While the latter two manga and anime have concluded (though Naruto has a sequel series Boruto), One Piece continues to chug along as the undisputed King of Shonen.

Is one piece Good or bad?

As someone who has seen all sorts of anime from extremely good to extremely bad ones, One piece was mediocre in my opinion. Not something I’d recommend to be honest, due to the length of the show and the painfully slow story. Overall, I’d give it a score of 5/10.

Is one piece a legendary anime?

There are dozens of shounen anime series that have left incredible marks on the anime industry as a whole. Eiichiro Oda’s iconic pirate action anime series, One Piece has been around for over two decades and nearly 1000 episodes. The anime is still one of the most popular in its genre.

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